VAS scale: answering 0 requires moving slider away and back

Recently I ran a pilot within my team where we tested study 1453. Everyone has reported to me that they could not answer 0 on our questions with a VAS scale unless they first moved the slider away from 0 and then back, which they are afraid will be annoying for our future participants.
Is there any way to change this (for example, in the preview of the questionnaires I see that the slider first needs to be activated by tapping anywhere on the scale- this seems a more intuitive option to me)
Thank you in advance

Hi @e.m.s.dinkelberg

To the best of my knowledge, in all of our current design, the VAS question does not show a slider until the user taps on it.

Can you tell me on which platform, Android, iOS, or web, did you notice that by default the slider was shown with value 0?